Wexball History

A new sport is born

Picture one sunny afternoon
Philippe Pons is with his friends at his beautiful house in the South of France,
playing ball in the pool with his mate James Larminier... 
The ball bounces onto a body-board...
 And that was it. 
A new sport was born !


2000 - 2010

1st version of the game: Set-pool

Time went by, and this game enchanted more and more enthusiasts.  Friends, friends of friends, parents, kids, they all took to the game and delighted in confronting each other in epic matches in the pool, but also at the beach.
Philippe and James christened the game “Set-Pool” and put together the rules.

Manufacturing the first board

Philippe and James decided to develop and promote Set-Pool. 
They went into partnership and organised the design, manufacture and marketing. 
Set-pool met with brilliant local success.


2011 - 2016

A great enthousiam

  • Several events were organised, and they were all a real success
  • Sports clubs were created with a number of members, and numbers kept growing;
  • Outdoor demonstrations during sports events, such as the FISE (International Extreme Sports Festival) were met with great enthusiasm
  • Many major retailers (such as Intersport, SCP Europe, Pool suppliers, etc) showed a real interest in this new and unique concept;
  • Sports instructors, rehabilitation centres (ProPara), schools, holiday resorts, leisure centres and campsites also took interest in this game.


The encounter between Philippe and Virginie changed the whole perspective of Set-pool.  They decided to actively re-launch the game and seriously rethink the materials, revisit the rules, adapt a development strategy;

all this resulted in the Version 2.0 of Set-pool :

And so Wexball was born !




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