Game rules


  • The ball must bounce on the game board as it’s sent over to the opponent’s side.
  • The game board, the Wex, must be adjusted at waist-level (from 85cm to 110cm).
  • When playing singles (one to one), each player may hit the ball up to 3 times row (these include hits onto the Wex).  You may not hit the ball three times in a row with the same hand.
  • When playing multiple players and WexBall ™ Free, players from the same team may hit the ball up to 5 times on their side, however no same player may hit the ball twice in a row (including hits onto the Wex).
  • The ball must be hit with one hand only.  If both hands hit the ball, this is considered as a fault.  Also carrying, accompanying or cushioning the ball are considered as faults.
  • Contact with any part of the body is considered as a hit.
  • However, in the WexFoot ™ version, players cannot use their hands.
  • The game is played in 21 points; you need 2 points ahead to win the set.  The best of 3 sets wins the match.
A point is won when:
  • The ball touches the ground or water in the opponent’s court
  • When the opponent team makes a fault
The main faults:
  • Exceeding the number of hits allowed per player and/or per team;
  • Carrying, cushioning or accompanying the ball;
  • Using the same hand 3 times in a row to hit the ball;
  • Presenting both hands to play the ball (even at a slight interval);
  • The ball not bouncing on the Wex when being sent over to the opponent’s court;
  • The ball falling on the ground or in the water outside the opponent’s court;
  • The ball falling on the ground or in the water in one’s own court resulting from a pass;
  • Trespassing on the opponent’s court (by foot!).  N.B. : the rest of the body (arms, chest, head) may cross the central line, but players’ feet must stay in their court at all times (whether on the ground or not);
  • Contact with an opponent in his court (when crossing the central line);
  • Any intentional obstruction to an opponent or to the game material (splashing, sand-throwing, sudden screaming, insults, inappropriate gestures, etc.).


To serve you have to be at 3m50 (except for Aqua singles which is 3m) from the centre of the board, perpendicularly to the central axe, and hit the ball directly onto the Wex (multiple hits are not allowed when serving) with one foot on the ground when you hit the ball.
Depending on the mode of the game, the service zone can be located on the outer borders of the playing court.
Service is considered completed once the player’s hand (or other part of the body) has hit or missed the ball.
The service is only considered valid if the ball touches the Wex.  The server is allowed a second service from the service zone if the first is not valid or if the ball, after bouncing on the Wex, falls back into the server’s court.
During the game, each team serves 5 times in a row, then it’s the opponent’s turn to serve 5 times in a row (thereby service changes side every 5 points).


Wexball ™ Aqua Singles

The official dimensions of Wexball ™ Aqua’s playing court for a singles match are as follows: 7m to 7.50m in length and 3.50 to 3.70m in width.

Wexball ™ Aqua Multiple-players

The official dimensions for Wexball ™ Aqua playing court for a singles match are as follows: 7.50m to 8m in length and 6m in width.

Wexball ™ TT singles

The official dimensions for Wexball ™ TT playing court for a singles match are as follows: 8 m in length and 6 m in width.

Wexball ™ TT multiple-players

The official dimensions for Wexball ™ TT’s playing court for a multiple-players match are as follows: 11 m (2 vs 2), 13 m (3 vs 3) and 15 m (4 vs 4) in length and 7 m in width.

Wexball ™ Free

In Wexball ™ Free, there are no outer borders to the playing court.

Nevertheless, teams are always separated by the central line at “infinity”.


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