WexFoot ™

WexFoot ™

Wexball ™ can be played with all parts of the body. It’s therefore quite possible to create variations of the game, and in particular to adapt Wexball ™ land to a foot game (Football), taking out any hand-play with the ball.

We’ve seen certain major international footballers, such as N’Baye Niang, or even more recently Neymar, Marcello, Da Silva and Alves, all play at WexFoot ™.

WexFoot ™ is played a lot in Brazil.  Through misuse of language, the Brazilians have christened it “Futmesa” or “Tekball”, translating it by “tennis ball” or even “Brazilian Ping-pong”, thereby falsely appropriating the origins of this game.

The principle is simple: the land board is adjusted to hip-level, and the ball is hit mainly with the foot or the head.  Absolutely no hand-play is allowed.  It’s a perfect transposition of WexBall ™ into a foot game!

WexFoot ™ is an excellent training tool for footballers.   In order to master ball reception by kicks or headers, or send the ball over to a precise place (passing to a team member or onto the Wex) requires agility, dexterity and concentration.  Which is why top-level athletes – especially Footballers – can have fun training.  Just take a look at those videos with Neymar, Marcello, Silva and Alves, playing “Futmesa”, or WexFoot ™ in the changing-rooms.

Beach Soccer Club Méditerranée playing WexFoot

WexFoot in action!


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